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Oslo Review - Part 2

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

I didn't have as many architecture firms to check out as other cities, and even with a short list and short amount of time it was cut even shorter due to inclement weather on arrival and being Easter, most offices were closed on Good Friday and the following Monday. I did hand deliver a couple of applications but a few had to be mailed to the offices that were missed after I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here is the list of Oslo offices that received an application, and it's worth noting that a couple of the firms have offices in New York City that I would not turn down a job offer and return to the US to work.

C.F. Møller  Dronning Mauds Gate 15, 5 e.t., 0250 Oslo  +47 2413 3400

Mad Arkitekter  Øster Elvebakke 7, 0813 Oslo  +47 2220 4030

Snøhetta  Akershusstranda 21, N-0150 Oslo  +47 2415 6060

Space Group  Hausmannsgate 16, 0182 Oslo  +47 2203 8888

White Arkitekter  Møllergata 13, 0179 Oslo  +47 2260 0500


My travels through Oslo would not be complete if I did not do some exploring of the city and experience the highly acclaimed modern architectural projects. In regards to Oslo, there is probably no other project that has garnered more international attention and acclaim than the Oslo Opera House, designed by local architects Snøhetta. I had the privilege of experiencing this building in person during the day and night, and as an added bonus the interior was open for visitors to enter and roam throughout the main lobby area. Here were my initial thoughts as I was photographing this stunning building:

1. For a building that hosts performing arts, it's pretty cool that you are able to wander all over the building as if it were a giant playground.
2. It's simplicity makes it even more elegant and inviting, no ornamentation or anything considered sacred or off-limits, and it's very tranquil to roam and experience the views of the city from different vantage points.
3. Craftsmanship and details are superb, much better than Zaha Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House - do a search for "guangzhou opera house problems", you'll see what I mean.
4. An Oslo based architecture firm named Snøhetta designed this building, their office is just a few miles from this project, and they also have an office in NYC. Fingers crossed on that application submission!


Another building I had to check out was the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, designed by one of my favorite contemporary architects, Renzo Piano. Similar to the the opera house, this project houses fine art but the site is very open to the public to roam through and access public swimming areas, a small beach and lots of open lawn space for lounging in the sun. Since Easter was in full effect and the weather was relatively warm, there were a lot of people out and about just doing leisurely activities on the premises.


The final building I checked out in great detail was one I was not familiar with coming to Oslo, but I found intriguing when I did some searches for modern architecture in the city. The Statoil Headquarters, designed by a-lab, uses very simple forms - basically elongated boxes - but the arrangement of the stacked boxes are truly remarkable especially at the moments of the very dramatic cantilevers.