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Copenhagen Review - Part 1

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.

Career Searching

It has been quite a colossal task to organize all of the content I accumulated during my time in Copenhagen. Most of you probably know that Copenhagen is hands-down my favorite city to travel to, and if you have been following along then you know I am currently in the process of obtaining a Danish Green Card which will allow me to reside, search for work, and work in Denmark once the green card is issued. I am essentially doubling down on Copenhagen with my decision to live and work there because I have been searching for career opportunities in the region and making a major move like this is simply a leap-of-faith. However, Copenhagen offers an unparalleled venue for a young architect to begin a career, grow, develop, learn and be immersed in a culture of architectural creativity, innovation, and sustainability, among other factors.

Once again, priority of visiting all of the cities is to inquire with the architecture firms about possible career opportunities, and to make contacts with the HR personnel or those who make hiring decisions. I did have a chance to talk to several of the offices' personnel who I exchanged business cards with, obtained very important information regarding my options for obtaining a green card, and maybe most importantly some of the front-office personnel were able to hear a little bit of my unique story which should help them recall who I am when I send followup correspondences regarding green card status, residency and legal hiring date. The following list includes the offices that I sought out for career opportunities and all of them are a great match regarding my software knowledge, digital fabrication interests, ambitious design and creativity, and environmental stewardship.

3XN  Strandgade 73, DK-1401 Copenhagen K  +45 7026 2648

ADEPT Architects  Struenseegade 15A, 4., 2200 Copenhagen N  +45 5059 7069

Arkitema Architects  Rued Langgaards Vej 8, DK-2300 Copenhagen S  +45 7011 7011

Bjarke Ingels Group  Kløverbladsgade 56, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen  +45 7221 7227

C.F. Møller  Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 28, 1434 Copenhagen K  +45 3288 7844

Christensen & Co  Bragesgade 10B, DK-2200 Copenhagen N  +45 7244 4440

COBE  Trangravsvej 6, 1436 Copenhagen K  +45 3254 4300

Danielsen Architecture  Vestergade 2b, 4. sal, DK-1456 Copenhagen  +45 3332 3237

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter  Vesterbrogade 95A, 4th Floor, 1620 Copenhagen V +45 3393 7350

Henning Larsen Architects  Vesterbrogade 76, DK-1620 Copenhagen V  +45 8233 3000

jaja Architects  Heimdalsgade 35, 3. - baghuset, 2200 Copenhagen N  +45 3333 0713

JDS Architects  Kompagnistræde 29, 1208 Copenhagen  +45 3378 1010

Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter  Pilestræde 10, 3. sal, 1112 Copenhagen K  +45 3391 0717

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects  Njalsgade 17, Pakhus 2, 2300 Copenhagen S  +45 7020 1900

White Arkitekter  Njalsgade 21, 2300 Copenhagen  +45 3332 4491


Church of Our Saviour

With the employment items covered, now it's time to start going through the vast amount of content and beginning with one of the best views in Copenhagen, the Church of Our Saviour, located in Christianshavn. At the top of the church is an exterior spiraling staircase, that for the price of about $5.00, you are able to access and ascend through the bell tower and up the spire. As spectacular and iconic as the church is on the exterior, the church's interior is also very picturesque with the adornment of very ornate statues and intricately carved woodwork. So without further ado, I give you Copenhagen!

As an added bonus, I grabbed some video while scaling the spire. If you're afraid of heights... Beware!