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Generative Design Computing . Sharpe - Project 1

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.
I wanted to develop an object with a lot of curvature and my project began with this linework.

After using the loft command this is the surface that was produced.

Using the Paneling Tools menu, I created a grid by using "Surface Domain" and then used "Offset Points" to offset the grid.

I then created panels with different configurations in order to produce geometry with variation. Using the "Panel Custom 3D Variable" command, I selected the grids and panels, and then setup Attractor Points.

This is the panel geometry that was produced.

In order to get a useful surface for laser cutting I had to explode the solids and choose 1 side of the panels to preserve.

Once I unrolled the surface using "Unroll Faces", I had to manipulate the output to be sure that it would properly be cut on the laser cutter. First, I had to separate the overlapping pieces and then change the colors - Red for a full cut and Black for an etching (surface cut which will allow the chipboard to flex).

This is an image of the chipboard after laser cutting.

These are images of the final model completely assembled.