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Generative Design Computing . Sharpe - Project 2

Added on by Douglas Sharpe.
This project required us to create a Grasshopper model that allows for parametric control of objects. I created a simple model that includes a geometry arranged on a grid, along with an attractor point that resizes the geometry.

I began by setting up a Square Grid and attaching sliders. The first slider controls the distance between grid points, and the second and third slider controls the number of rows and columns.

The next step was inserting a Distance variable, and this will determine the distance between the grid points and a floating point. This floating point was created in Rhino and linked in Grasshopper. Then I put in a Division variable which will cause objects near the attractor point to decrease in size.

The final step in the Grasshopper model was to define the geometry at each grid points. I inserted a Polygon definition that has the grid points and the attractor point variables. The polygon includes a slider plugged in to change the shape (number of sides) of the polygons.

Examples of final images created after baking the Grasshopper model and filling in the geometry in Adobe Illustrator.

13x13 grid, 3-sided geometry and attractor point in the lower left corner.

13x14 grid, 4-sided geometry, attractor point in the upper right corner.

16x11 grid, 6-sided geometry, grid spacing was enlarged, attractor point in the center.

16x16 grid, 50-sided geometry (circle), grid spacing was condensed, attractor point in bottom right corner.